SQL Dumper

Probably most of the developers may be knowing about SQL Dumper.

SQL Server Dumper enables you to dump selected SQL Server database tables into SQL Insert statements, that are saved as local .sql files and contain all the data required to create a duplicate table. It can also be used to backup table data.

You can choose to create an individual .sql file for each table, or combine all selected tables into a single file.

How to use SQL Dumper:
1. Download it from the following official site and install it.


2. Once you open it, you have 2 options. You can use either SQL server authentication or
    windows authentication. I have used SQL server authentication.
    Enter server name, login ID and password and click on connect.

3. Once connected, select database from right hand dropdown. Once selected, it will
    automatically fetch all the tables within that database.

4. Select a table from “available tables” list and it to “tables to dump” list.

5. From “Output settings”, tick the checkbox “Set output file name”, enter the name of the
    backup file without including the extension e.g like Author or tablename etc.

6. Click on “Execute” button, it will show you progress bar on the bottom of the window. Once
   done, browse the script file.

To conclude:
SQL Dumper is very handy utility for developers. Please try and let me know what do you
think on this.


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