Business Layer (BL) Class Generator

While working on n-tier architecture, you always need to create a Business Layer (BL) class by writing properties and methods by mapping the column names from the table.

To make this process faster, I try to develop this small window based application called – Business Layer (BL) class generator. It is developed in C# and .NET 4.5 framework is used.

How to use:

1. Open the exe file.

2. Enter the information like”User ID”, “Password” and Server. Click on “Connect” button. It will fill the databases available on the server and fill the Tables dropdown for the respective database.

3. Select the “Database” and the “Table” from the respective dropdown list. Click on “Save to” button to pick a directory where the generated BL class is saved. e.g the ProductsBL class is stored in “D” drive.

4. Click on “Generate Class” button. It will generate BL class for the respective table. Once process is completed, you will see following screen.

5. Click on “Ok” to view the generated class file, else click on “Cancel” to continue.

If you open the generated class, it will look like this. e.g I have opened generated ProductsBL class in Visual studio.

Download source code here: [164 KB]

Download application here: [25 KB]

Please let me know your feedbacks, suggestions and bugs if any. You can comment below this post.


  1. Hi,I read your blogs named “Business Layer (BL) Class Generator | A Programming Blog” like every week.
    Your up the good work!


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