Visual Studio 2012 Issue/Problem Fix for Error “No exports were found that match the constraint”

Recently after updating my windows 7, I found a issue in my Visual studio 2012. I could open the solution, but I could not open any project files and it was giving me error as:

“No exports were found that match the constraint:
ContractName    Microsoft.VisualStudio.Utilities.IContentTypeRegistryService
RequiredTypeIdentity    Microsoft.VisualStudio.Utilities.IContentTypeRegistryService”

Visual Studio 2012 was not allowing me to create a new project, even I could not open the solution properly (some projects were not loaded).

A flaw in Visual studio may cause it to become unstable, when the .NET 4.5 framework is updated via windows updates.

After looking into couple of forums, I found the workaround to fix the issue.

After installing the Microsoft update, the issue is resolved. (i.e. Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 – KB2781514 )

You can download this update here.

Before installing, just close the Visual studio 2012, install the update and open the Visual studio to see that the issue is resolved.

Hope this will help.


  1. I tried to solve it other ways nothing helped me and finally your posts helped to solve the issue.
    Thanks a lot Suraj Deshpande.

    – Sajeeth


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