jQuery Advantages over Standard Javascript

Sometimes you may ask that “Why jQuery” The answer lies in the advantages of jQuery over standard Javascript.

Advantages of jQuery:

1. Large Javascript library Framework

jQuery enables you to perform hordes of functions in comparison to Javascript.

2. Amazing Documentation and Live Demos

The jQuery website has a great documentation and tutorials available along with a live demos. Even absolute beginner in programming (or jQuery) can learn it very easily.

3. Supports Ajax

jQuery provides full Ajax support where actions can be performed on pages without full postback. jquery has bunch of Ajax methods available.

4. Cross Browser Campatibility

jQuery methods provides cross browser compatibility. This means a code written in jQuery can work in different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. So that developer can code easily without worrying about the code output on different browsers.

5. Easy DOM manipulation

jQuery provides you methods for working with the DOM. It handles DOM the way it handles the objects!

6. Ease of use

jQuery is very more easy to use compared to standard Javascript. It uses very simple syntax, It also requires much less lines of code to achieve the same feature in comparison.

7. Strong and Large Open Source community (lots of plugins available)

jQuery is an open source project, it comes with hundreds of plugins available for download to instantly speed up your development process.


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