What is the future of ASP.NET and MVC?

There are lots of articles on the internet that will put some thoughts on “What is the future of ASP.NET?”

Some thoughts:

As a developer, do you know Silverlight? Yes/No ?

Few years back, Microsoft marketing team promoted it. They promoted it in such a way that developers thought Silverlight will be the next Adobe Flash. A very popular companies such as Netflix, Renault Megane, NBC etc developed their websites using Silverlight.

But Where is Silverlight today? What is the share of Silverlight today in the market? What is the trend?

Now what about upcoming things like HTML 5TypeScriptMVC etc.. etc..?

Back to the main point, what is the future of ASP.NET and MVC?

It is true that, there is a shift to MVC from ASP.NET web forms. ASP.Net MVC is on the rise and growing more popular everyday. Another reason, ASP.Net MVC is becoming very popular, since it can take advantage of all the fantastic features coming with HTML 5 as well as new client-side libraries with ease . But they are much harder to integrate in ASP.NET webForms than MVC.

As the technologies are advancing, things are getting better and better with every advancements. So it’s the trend which will lead us the way we develop the sites.

So I don’t think that a technology is coming that would replace everything, rather think that new improvements would be made in the existing technology and knowledge of current technology would help you adapt to those new changes.

What do you think the future of ASP.NET and MVC should be? Thumbs up, or thumbs down? Share your thoughts please.


  1. Good article, but small a little bit for a purpose to talk about future of ASP.NET MVC.
    BTW, good point to mention Silverlight 🙂

    P.S. What do u think about ASP vNEXT?


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