BrowserSwarm – Spend Less Time Testing Your JavaScript Project

What is BrowserSwarm?

It is a tool that automates your testing of JavaScript across browsers. Spend less time testing and more time innovating. It is a project from appendTo, Sauce Labs and the Internet Explorer team.

BrowserSwarm provides test results using top frameworks and libraries such as prototype.js and Modernizr. You receive an overall pass rate across browsers and devices, along with individual test pass rates for top browsers.

You can register an account on BrowserSwarm here.

How BrowserSwarm works?

  1. BrowserSwarm connects directly to your GitHub code repository.
  2. When your team makes updates, BrowserSwarm automatically runs your project’s Unit Test Suite and supports Frameworks, like QUnit, in the cloud using SauceLabs browser automation.
  3. You can easily view or download the results.

See test results for top libraries: (Screenshot)

Here is the sample test result for jquery.

Here is the screen for Build details and Build History for jQuery.

From the Dashboard, you can configure your BrowserSwarm projects.

There are various options through which you can configure your BrowserSwarm project.

Configuration options:

1. Collaborators

2. Github Config

3. Heroku Config

4. Webhooks

5. Deactivate

6. Custom Scripts

7. Environment

8. Saurce Config

9. Jelly-Proxy Config

10. QUnit Config

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