Peek Definition in Visual Studio 2013

In this article, let’s review a new handy feature in Visual Studio 2013 called Peek Definition.

Generally when you want to view a method, you point a mouse cursor on a method name and right click on it and click “Go To Definition” (F12 shortcut key).

Once you do that, you will go to the file where method is declared or defined.

Using Peek Definition

This feature is similar to “Go To Definition” except in-file editing (which we can describe it as view or edit in a same file without losing your place) as explained below.

When you right click on a method by placing a cursor over it and clicking on “Peek Definition” (ALT + F12 shortcut key), you won’t leave your current file/location instead a small window will appear over there.

This makes it very easy to view as well as edit a method definition without losing your place in the current file.

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