Step By Step Installing Kali Linux 1.0.6 in Virtualbox

Virtualization is great way to deal with multiple operating systems on a machine.

In this article, let’s see how to install Kali Linux 1.0.6 in Virtual Box. VirtualBox is an open source general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware, targeted at server, desktop and embedded use.

Kali Linux can be downloaded from here and VirtualBox can be downloaded from here. In this article, I am using latest version 4.3.6 of virtualbox.


1. After installing virtualbox, open it. Click on New to create a new virtual machine.

2. Enter the name “Kali Linux”, type and version was auto populated. Change version to Linux 2.6/3.x (64 bit) If you are installing 64 bit version of Kali linux. Click Next.

3. Select the memory size from the screen and click Next. Default is 256 MB.

4. From the next screen, you can either create a new virtual hard drive or use existing virtual drive. Default size is 8 GB, but I recommend to keep it to more than 10 GB. Click create button.

5. Now you need to select a hard drive file type. I recommend to keep it default to VDI. Click next.

6. From the “Storage on physical drive”, keep the default option which is “dynamic allocated” and click next.

7. From the “File location and size” window, set the virtual machine drive size to 12 GB and click create. It will create virtual machine.

Now it’s time to install Kali Linux.

8. From the main screen, right click on the newly created virtual machine “kali linux” and select “Settings..”. Click on System >> Processor and check the Enable PAE/NX setting and click OK as shown in the following screenshot. To know more about PAE and NX click here.

9. Then Select Storage >> Controller : IDE from the settings windows and browse for the ISO file for the Kali linux as shown below. Click OK.

10. From main screen, start your newly created virtual machine “Kali Linux”. Select “Graphical Install” from the following screen to start the installation.

11. Select the appropriate language.

12. Select your location.

13. Select your keyboard layout and click continue.

14. Installation will start loading the additional component.

15. Now enter the hostname for your system. Leave it default to “Kali” and click continue.

16. Enter the domain name, leave it blank if not using any specific domain.

17. By default Kali user is Root, so enter password for it and click continue.

18. Use the entire disk for installation, if you are advance user, you can try other options as well.

19. Select and continue the default virtual hard disk which we have created earlier.

20. If you are new user to Kali linux, select “All files in one partition” option, else you can try other options for advance users.

21. Confirm the virtual hard disk changes and click continue.

22. Confirm the changes, select “Yes” and click continue.

23. Installation will start now, it will take sometime around 5-10 minutes.

24. If you want to check newer versions of the software available then select Yes from “Network mirror” screen, else select No and click continue.

25. System will configure packages.

26. If we want to install grub loader then select Yes else select No option.

27. Once you get the “Installation Complete” screen, click continue.

28. Once it finishes, system will restart. Since the default is the right selection, enter to boot into Kali linux.

29. From the following screen, enter username and password.

30. Since you are into Virtualbox, from the device menu, click on “Install Virtualbox guest additions”, a drive is mounted automatically.

31. Copy the “” to the root directory using following command

cp /root/

32. Change the permissions of the file using command

chmod 755 /root/

33. Now, Navigate to the /root directory and execute the file using following command


34. After successfully installation reboot the system.

Hope this helps. For any queries / doubts, please comment below.


  1. not working for me 😦
    Im stuck at “starting VM” showing me ths “Creatin Process for virtual machine “Kali Linux” (GUI/QT)”

    i wait for it 3 hours,but this process never completed, i tried many times,

    I have window 8.1,and VBOX latest v frm oracle.


  2. I cannot install VirtualBox guest additions, when i try to copy “” say “cp: cannot stat `’ : No such file or directory” and if i try to autorun i receive this error “Error autorunning software/ Cannot find the autorun program.” What can i do to fix it?


    1. I also had a similar problem for a second, trying to copy the guest additions. So, because my CD-rom is labeled differently…I first right clicked on the mounted CD that is shown on the desktop and “Open in Terminal” …which showed me the working directory for the mounted CD ROM (Guest Additions stuff). From there I just resumed copying the files as showed above. Thanks everyone.


  3. I’ve already installed follow the tutorial on the way (y)
    but that the question is, how can I connect lan network in a virtual, with time linux 1.0.6?
    I have not solved this problem bro?


    1. Hi Anggit,
      Virtual machine auto configure network settings. Default is set to “NAT”, so that your guest machine can share your host machine’s internet.
      Please try reinstalling virtual machine.


  4. I have Unbuntu 64 bit on SSD 120GB drive then a 500 GB storage. Trying to install from ISO image to 500 GB HD with virtualbox. I keep getting to the point where it starts but gives the msg , install failed. Question is does it have to be installed to the SSD? to work?

    If yes to SSD, when I run through Virtualbox setup , it only allows me to select the 500 GB drive —

    I have followed this setup…uide/#comments

    Any advice/welcomed/appreciated


  5. Hi, when I try to change version of Linux, I can’t see Linux 2.6/3.X(64bits), only Linux 2.6/3.X in the ComboBox.
    I have downloaded Kali Linux 1.0.6 64bits and VirtualBox 4.3.6 r91406.

    Please help me.


    1. Hi Abraham,

      Since you have latest version of Virtualbox, it won’t make any difference. Select the available option and install using above steps. Please let me know in case you stuck in between.



      1. Hey bro, I faced the same problem after installing Kali Linux 1.0.6 64bits and VirtualBox 4.3.6 r91406. There’s no Linux 2.6/3.X(64bits) option in the ComboBox. Only Linux 2.6/3.X and Linux 2.6/3.X (32bits). I have done everthing but the process stops at the page where kali Installtion prompt pops up in the VM. I cannot proceed from there onwards.


  6. Hey Suraj, I just downloaded the kali linux 1.0.6 torrent and when i’m attempting to install on virtual box, I cannot find the iso file. The only file I see is the file that says intrid which is a disc image file, i figured that was the iso but the size of this file is only 20.9mb. So it cannot be it, the biggest filee that i suppose should be the iso considering it’s size.. The file is called filesystem.squashfs , which is 2.87gb in size. I really don’t know what’s wrong, I am not sure if i downloaded the file to burn to a live cd or what it is.. I downloaded the torrent file kali linux-1.06-amd64.. since i am running a windows 64 bit system. I would appreciate your help Suraj, please and thanks.


  7. My install freezes when I select ‘graphical install’. The Kali Linux page shows up but it does nothing. I have Windows 7 and have Ubuntu and several other virtual machines working fine. I downloaded the 64 bit Kali iso but it doesn’t seem to want to install for me.


    1. I found out the problem. I tried to just run it and even though my Host OS is 64 bit I guess the virtual machine is 32 bit. Digging around now to see if I can change that and also downloading the 32 bit Kali.


  8. Hi, I can’t open the ISO, I get an error message saying it can’t open because its “Not Supported”
    ? any help?


  9. Help me Bro ..
    Failing step is : Install the system..
    what should i do? i have followed all your steps…still gets this error all time


  10. i am downloading kali linux 64 bit for windows 7 i have no any file inside rar or zip file i can only extract this file what can i do to convert or make iso file…plz give me any idea….what i have problem with it.


  11. hi i am becoming confusing, and i dont know the difference between kali and linux.i have downloaded kali 64 bit and VM .i have windows 8 installed but i dont know whether i have to install some linux os then kali or directly install kali considering it linux?
    plz help so i continue my work .


  12. the last problem which I reported was solved . I’ve successfully installed the kali but there is no file in my kali desktop


  13. Dear Mr. Despande,
    I have downloaded Kali Linux 1.0.6 and Install VirtualBox as well, I have created new .VDI for the Kali Linux and successfully install it by following your tutorial from step 1 until the Virtualbox guest additions steps, and after the first reboot shared folder is supposed to be work, but it doesn’t work, could you please advice what should I do? I have tried 3 times, deleting the kali linux VDI and make the new on then install it again until finish the Virtualbox guest additions as your tutorial guidance but shared folder still not working, and so on. Thank you


    1. Hi,
      Are you sure that you have successfully installed guest additions inside Kali? Try installing it again, if you are not sure. Shut down the machine. Set the shared folder from virtual box settings and then start kali linux.
      Hope it helps.


  14. Hi trying to install the kali linux 1.0.6 64 bit version with the help of virtual box … Everything fine but till the vbox set up, after the first selection of graphical installation nothing happens ..? It keeps saying running on the top. Tried shutting it off n doing it again n pressed f12 n selected booting but nothing happening pls help.


  15. hola alguien me pude ayudar! cuando empece a instalar kali justo al instalacion me dice error y me sale una bentana me dice o ???? ayuden me porfavor


  16. I am running xp sp3 i386 (Host) and I have downloaded the mini iso.. The setup went fine. But at the point where I can choose additional compnents to be installed ( desktop environment; penetration tools.) I’ve deselected the 3 that was already selected when that screen showed; I kept the desktop environment checked and went through with the install, it downloaded like 1204 files.. And after that I got to the point of installing the Grub MBR.. So, when that finished the vm started up,, decompreesing the files.. Now, I get only like a terminal, login is successfull but where is the actual environment?? After some time I typed a command: apt-get install kali.. Then that loaded some stuff and finished ; rebooted but no change, still just an terminal. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong ? I’m also new to kali. Please help..


  17. hi! I fail in the installation! plz help me!

    What can I do!


    1. Hi Vishal,

      If you can post virtual machine logs here then I can help you further. Also please double check the SHA1 of the ISO that you used. Sometimes the downloaded files are corrupted which can cause issues like this.



  18. mast bhaava suraj!!! ;p your steps worked all fine.But then icreated another virtual machine of kali with more storage(like 50 GB)..After i click on install in the very first step after starting the machine..i see only black screen.Please suggest..:)


  19. hey i tried installing kali linux on oracle virtual machine in windows 10 but after all steps it keeps giving error installation step failed…what should i do plzz help


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